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A small selection of my works

Next.js, tailwind css, graphcms


cover of project

Website for a consultancy agency

Turnkey multi-page website development. Design in glassmorphism style, high performance, ability to create new pages independently via cms, acceptance of e-mail requests

Live site

Filled in by the customer


I was tasked with making the design both modern and austere. One of the latest trends is glassmorphism.


The feature is that the interface elements are like frosted glass, that is, they shine through the underlying content.

To keep it understated and premium, the colour scheme has been reduced to just two colours: gunmetal and emerald.



It was important to score high in the Google Lighthouse metrics. To achieve them I chose next.js framework. It allows you to implement static generation (SSG). That is, when the content changes, there is a build that converts the js code into html, which results in a very high loading speed. For this case this approach is the most relevant, because the content is not changed often.

Group 38.jpg

A bit of backend

Next.js also provides a way to write the server-side logic directly in the client. Of course, for large projects this is not quite appropriate. But it's nice to write some logic in a short period of time. In this project this function was used to write the api for sending emails. We need it to collect requests to the corporate mail.

Content management

The customer wanted to modify the content themselves, for this I chose graphcms. It has a nice interface and does not require separate hosting. At the same time, it offers a free hosting plan, which was more than sufficient for this project.

With the cms you can manage both the range of services displayed on the home page and the page content in principle.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 191153.png

Gatsby, React, Strapi


cover of project

Dental landings

Several pages with the ability to collect applications for mail and analytical services

Live site

Filled in by the customer


This project had high Google Lighthouse metrics. This results in high search engine positions and high conversion rates. This was achieved using JAM Stack. So there is a Headless CMS in which you can manage the content and a client part which is generated in static html every time the content changes.

This has made it possible to achieve these figures:

image 12.webp